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Digitizing your business processes with ideal solutions for remote working.

Built on ELO DigitalOffice GmbH, a worldwide leader in information management. Headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, ELO's Enterprise Content Management software is shaping the digital workplace - and Yoors is it's proud certified partner in the region.

Yoors DigitalOffice platform is built on modules for AP Automation, eFiling, Contact Management, Employee Files, Employee Recruitment, Medical Files and Digital Agreements.


— Provides an automated solution for companies that receive a high volume of invoices, paper and electronic to quickly and efficiently process from recording to approval and ERP integration. 

— Features out of the box available are capture and extract data from your invoices using AI and Machine Learning tools, route documents via automated workflows with approval rules configurable based on your needs, search for invoices using google like search features and analytics for visual dashboards for management.


— Built with remote working as DNA, offline and online functionality.

— Coherent Filing & Access Rights is a specified, dynamic archive structure. Automation of processes based on metadata & workflow configurations. Assisted indexing (OCR, full text, database lookup, access/feature control).

— Workflows & Collaboration is easy, ad-hoc. Template & form-based. Real-time collaboration space.

— Intelligent Searching enables Cross Search. Preview of result sets. Filtering results. Export & create reports.


— Manage contract records, such as proposals, bids, submissions received, award contracts, delivery milestones, payment disbursements, tracking and management of service/product received as per agreed timeline.

— Available out of the box is a Contract Management Workflow.


— Manage employee records, such as life events, reviews and professional milestones. Utilized for HR documentation. HR reports. HR staff lifecycle documents. HR administration. Payroll. Timesheets.


— Manage recruitment records, such as professional qualifications, interview appointments, feedback received on candidates, compliance checks, background screening checklists, onboarding, relevant personnel information and offboarding.


— Manage patient records, appointment booking, billing, pharmacy inventory, supplier invoicing, referrals management.


— Enabling the New Way of Working and reducing Opex, while gaining efficiency immediately.

— Transforming the agreements process from a physical meeting to an online experience – seamlessly.

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Yoors is a boutique technology firm based in Singapore, Sydney and Colombo. With a DNA to grow digitally, Yoors builds products and advises it clients to embrace opportunities to build the future, and are open to collaboration, partnerships and innovation.

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